“Quick Edit” Gotcha in SharePoint 2013

If you group list or library items in SharePoint 2013, the Quick Edit (Datasheet View) option is disabled.  You have to go to an ungrouped view to make changes!  Why, is beyond me.  This worked perfectly in SharePoint 2010.

Quick Edit Gotcha 1

Quick Edit Gotcha 2

6 responses to ““Quick Edit” Gotcha in SharePoint 2013”

  1. Jeff Avatar

    AND when a filter is defined 😦


  2. S Clark Avatar

    We migrated from Enterprise 2010 to Cloud 2013. I have Full Control to a list, but when I set Quick Edit to No, it hides ALL records from me. (Shows branding, navigation, and pagination, but no items.)

    ANY clues?


  3. Dale Sackrider, II Avatar

    because Microsoft moved away from ActiveX controls which allowed you to “open in datasheet view” – i.e. excel. In SP2013, they are using html5 and quick edit doesn’t work with the data in a group by format… its annoying but I don’t want to move back to an ActiveX deployment… at least now it functions as expected in Chrome. 🙂


  4. Eliel Aguilera Avatar

    This also happens when a style is applied to the default view.

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