Managing Multiple Logins

The Microsoft partner network is full of companies that use Office 365 to manage their lives.  Many of these companies partner with each other to expand their service offering.  This also means you usually get access to different intranets to do your bit of the work.

Instead of signing in and signing out every 5 minutes to access the various intranets – use different browsers.  I’ve got Chrome, IE, Firefox and Safari installed on my PC.  I save the credentials of the different sites I have access to across them.

It’s also handy if you need to test stuff using a dummy account.  You can sign in as a site visitor on one browser to see what they have access to when testing out your permissions, whilst being signed in as the global administrator on another browser.

This also works if you have multiple Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.  Any online sign-in service really. 🙂

browser iconsNote : If you need to do this inside your company, you may not have rights to download extra browsers.  Log a call with IT and write a motivation as to why you need them.


  1. Another Almost-as-good approach to this is to use Incognito mode in Chrome or InPrivate mode in Internet Explorer. These modes will also open sessions that are distinct in regards to logins. They don’t save settings, though, as your approach does. For many people, though, it might be easier to understand InPrivate and Incognito modes.


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