Rocking Google and Bing Search

One of my hardcore techie friends recently said he didn’t know about these options, so I thought I’d share them with you in case you don’t either.  I thought everyone knew this. 🙂

When searching on Google, you can narrow down your search results by using the Search Tools or More under the search box.

Google search tools 1

Google search tools 2

Google search tools 3

My favourite under Search Tools is the time options, you can get up to date news here.  Great for breaking news stories.

Google search tools 4

There’s also handy refiners when searching for images.  So for those of you on the speaker circuit, you know how important it is to have good quality, high res images right. (Right!? ;-)) This is a great way to ensure you get just that.

Google search tools 5

Google search tools 6

Google search tools 7

However, Google have changed the way they share photos and it’s become a bit of a pain. Getting the very high res pics isn’t so great.  They take a very long time to stream properly before you can download it.  You need to keep an eye on the streaming bar under the picture.

Google search tools 8If you right click on the picture to save it and it says “download”, it hasn’t downloaded properly and you’ll get a silly icon-like version of the pic you wanted.

Google search tools 9It must say the actual image name.

Google search tools 10

This becomes a 5 day game with very large images and you end up going to More Sizes to try again and again.  I have found Bing to be far superior in this space, so rather go there for the big stuff.  They’ve got the same refiners for images.

Bing search 2

Bing search tools 1

But their web searches aren’t as slick and user friendly as they are in Google.

Bing search 3Happy searching!!




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