Be Kind to Learners

Learning anything new is a difficult and overwhelming thing for most people. Most people are exhausted, hassled, scared, have low self-esteem and think they’re too stupid to learn anything new.  But every now and again, someone is brave and decides to learn something new.  When that happens; be kind.

Whether it’s technology, a life skill, an art form or sport; it all starts the same way: You discover something that piques your interest, a spark is lit and you investigate some more.  You get excited then research as much as you can. You’ll pluck up the courage to ask questions and start testing out your new skills.  Your confidence will slowly grow and you gain more experience and try spreading your wings.  You’ll get excited by it and want to share it with everyone.

It’s the most beautiful thing to witness.

The quickest way to extinguish this amazing process by brave people, is by shooting them down while they are still learning. It just amazes me how so called “experts”, who in some cases are just know-it-alls, are so quick to knock down someone who has an interest in their field just because they don’t get it exactly right.

So what if people don’t get it exactly right; they are still learning!  Instead of being cruel and angry about it, why not gently guide them in the right direction and explain what was wrong?  Would that kill anybody?

If you are a learner in a new field and come across someone who shouts you down, get away from those people as soon as possible and don’t listen to them. Those are not the type of people you want to be getting advice from in future if that’s the way they operate.  There’s a saying something about not letting one angry voice drown out the sounds of hundreds of supportive voices. It’s sometimes easier said than done because their harsh words can totally knock the wind out of your sails.  Get up, forget them, and move on.  Follow your dream.

If you are the “expert”, please be patient with people and remember where you came from.  There was a time when you knew nothing too.  Becoming an arrogant, egotistical bully doesn’t serve anyone.  Rather keep your opinions to yourself if you can’t offer constructive and gentle criticism.

Be Kind

Just be love.



  1. @Carolyn, you and me both babe…

    @James, such a good point! You definitely learn so much from the people you’re trying to teach!

    @Richard, let’s hope so hun. Glad to hear your journey is going well so far. And one day you will again become the teacher. Isn’t life wonderful.

    @Kobus, it’s the only way for sure. Walk a day in their footsteps before you judge.

    Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone! This is something very near and dear to my heart, so glad it resonated with you too. 🙂


  2. Veronique,

    Great post! And one that resonates with me.

    I find often that folks are so concerned with being right that they forget to approach situations with humility and caring. In my experience, those whom I mentor frequently have much to teach me as long as I’m open to learning.




  3. Veronique,

    Thanks for your blog post.

    During the 90’s I was a computer training consultant. Now, 20 years later, I am the student.

    I am grateful for the kind people who have helped me learn and grow with Microsoft SharePoint and project management.

    All of us have gifts of skill that we can share with others. Here’s hoping people reading this blog will go a little out of their way this week to teach something of value to someone in need of encouragement.

    Best Wishes,


  4. Very, very true. To understand someone, really stand under him/her, right in their shoes.


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