Add Links to your My Site in SharePoint 2010

The Memberships section of your My Site should list all the SharePoint sites you have been given access to.  If this is not working correctly or it won’t allow you to edit anything, (and there seem to be plenty that don’t, can’t get clarity on why); you can add the Links webpart to manage your SharePoint team site links instead.  Right now a lot of people have been frantically adding all the team sites to their Favourites in the browser, not ideal and defeats the purpose of SharePoint.

They’re doing this because the My Links functionality from SharePoint 2007 has been removed, (why oh why…).  This is what it looks like in SharePoint 2010.

And what it looked like in SharePoint 2007.

Go to your My Site, My Profile page.  Click Site Actions and Edit Page.

Click on Add a Web Part in one of the zones.  There is a default Links web part under Recommended Items, click Add.

The Links webpart will be inserted.  To exit edit mode, click on the My Site or My Profile links above.  There is no Save Page option like there is on the team sites.

You can now add links to the sites you use the most. Open a new browser and navigate to those sites, copy the URL (the web address at the top of the browser), then click Add a Link in your My Site, complete the details as required.

Now you can seamlessly navigate between your My Site and your team sites, and have your links available should you log on remotely from someone else’s workstation, (which won’t be an option if you’ve just saved them as favourites in your browser).


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