SharePoint is NOT going away!

Bamboo Solutions wrote a very provocative blog post this week stating that SharePoint was going away.  As could be expected, I freaked!  My immediate reaction was, “how the hell are we going to explain this to our thousands of clients around the world after all the work that has been done on this platform??”

Representatives from Microsoft South Africa and the USA have confirmed that their assumption is far from accurate, and that on the contrary, even more money has been put into the development of the next version (SharePoint 15), which has features that are going to blow our minds!  People in the know around the world have also given feedback to agree with Microsoft.  SharePoint is not going anywhere!

It never ceases to amaze me how some people in the SharePoint community purposely write blogs to upset people just to drive traffic to their sites.  Please try to remember that there are millions of people around the world that take what gets said in blogs at face value because they are too new to know any better.  We have a responsibility to write the best quality blogs to the best of our ability, researching our subject to make sure it is accurate.  We should be building people up, helping, encouraging, guiding – not writing foolish statements that undermine thousands of SharePoint community people, clients and vendors around the world that are doing the very best they can to make a difference on this product and succeed with it’s use.

Epic fail Bamboo.


  1. Bamboo’s observations are also heavily influenced by the MS Partners conference which seemed to minimize SharePoint this year and heavily emphasize Office365. This is typical of Microsoft’s poor partner marketing strategy. Which is usually to the tune of “forget everything we said last year and only think about what we are saying this year”. When they are trying to sell Office 15 they will change the tune again.


  2. Hi Steve,

    I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to comment, that sure was an unexpected surprise! I am more than happy take do the ‘agree to disagree’ angle. 🙂 I did read your column a few times, but I guess I just missed it every time. It’s all good though. There are so many ways to get to the same point in SharePoint, it’s inevitable that people will disagree. If we can do that and still stay friends then everybody wins. I can be a little over-protective of my business users and SharePoint at the best of times, that was my only driver here.

    Thanks again.

    Kind Regards,


  3. @ Veronique – For what it’s worth, I took your comments very seriously. I think I can see your point that a headline such as “SharePoint is Going Away” could be misinterpreted by people who didn’t take the time to read it and understand my point. I do feel responsible for help promoting SharePoint, and spreading a positive message.

    That being said, I think that if you really read my post, you understand that I was not bashing SharePoint or predicting it’s failure. Rather, my belief is that SharePoint is rapidly reaching it’s ultimate potential, becoming the operating system for the Cloud, the successor to Windows.

    I take exception to your comment that my blog was written just to upset people to gain site traffic. That simply isn’t the case. I wrote a dramatic headline for a serious post based on my experiences and my original ideas.

    I appreciate your comments, and am glad to see South Africa represented in the SharePoint community. I hope we can agree to disagree on the issue as friends.



  4. @Mark – I wish I had the same reaction, but it was unfortunately not even close. Glad you found value in it though.

    @Thuan – loved it! Specially the last sentence. 🙂


  5. Veronique
    When I first saw that Bamboo’s post was doing the rounds, I ignored it. However, as your post had a link to it, I took the opportunity to read it.
    While the heading of the post is, indeed, very provocative, the meat of the post does raise some interesting points, and I certainly don’t feel that it was done just to drive traffic to the site.
    The benefit of the internet is that you are allowed to haved different perceptions and ideas on things. This does not mean that it is bad. In this case I found the article to be quite balanced, and gave some good viewpoints.
    I value being able to read different “takes” on subjects (rather than just reading the same thing all the time).


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