True Leadership – Are You Into Your Customers, Really?

According to Robin Sharma, you don’t need to be a manager or CEO to be a leader.  So what does that mean in real life?  It means everyone in your organisation taking ownership for the job they have there to the very best of their ability.  Ok, but why does that matter?  Let me give you 3 examples of true leaders and why they make a difference.

When I landed in New York a few weeks ago, I went to the British Airways Business Class Lounge in JFK for the lay-over.  I went to the computers to do the daily Facebook update when this gentleman asked me if I’d like anything to drink.  I told him I hadn’t really thought about it.  He immediately smiled and asked if I was into drinks that make you dizzy with emotion and feel like liquid pleasure.  Like champagne.  How could I resist an offer like that.  When he brought it, he sang to me and quoted the most beautiful poetry.  He escourted me to the spa, he escourted me to the dinner area and bowed and sang and and danced with me and told me how amazing I was the whole time.  I have never experienced anything like it in my life.  He does this with everybody I hear and is world famous in airport lounge circles as a result.  Ganesh was a rockstar lounge attendant!  He completely changed my perception of the BA lounges which can be really pompous and stuffy.  What a refreshing change. I left there smiling from ear to ear and posted just about every word he said on Facebook. Legend!!

A couple of months ago I was at a party where someone recommended a hairdresser.  Being in need of a new one I decided to give them a try, Creative Hands at Northgate.  When I walked in I was greeted with a huge smile in a very vibey awesome salon.  I expressed my concerns to Maryka and she immediately allayed my fears and introduced me to Michelle.  Michelle is from the USA living here now.  She sat me down and discussed everything  I wanted ever so gently and kindly.  Then gave me a hair cut unlike anything I’ve ever had before, as well as colour for the first time in my life!  I smiled from ear to ear and immediately arranged a show off party.  The hair wash includes a back massage in those massage chairs, as well as 2 massages from the Jacques who washes you hair!  I am always offered something to drink. When I called in 3 weeks later to order some product, Maryka and Michelle knew exactly who I was – after one visit?!  I am greeted by name when I walk in and phoned when stuff I need is available.  My last visit cost me R1900 – up to now I would have died rather than spend that much money at a hairdresser.  I didn’t even blink at the cost. I didn’t just get a cut, I got a treatment, colour and products for good measure. I got 5 massages this time – one back, 2 neck and 2 head massages!  (All included).  I had staff telling me my hair looked fantastic.  Superstar service from a very young team!!

Today I joined Run / Walk for Life in Sharonlea.  When I checked the website to enquire, the website wanted a year up front payment.  I emailed to query that and said I wasn’t prepared to commit for that long.  Within 5 minutes, Ray replied to my web form saying I could pay R100 a month as I go along. I went this evening for the first time.  Ray greeted me with a big smile and handshake and pronounced my name perfectly right off the bat! He is one of the 3 founders of RWFL and a Director.  He spent half an hour with me showing me all the ropes himself.  He told me his personal running history that ended when he broke his neck in a car accident. But it hasn’t prevented him from doing other sports he loves and managing RWFL.  He greeted every single person that arrived by name and with either a hug, kiss or handshake or all three and enquired about their wellbeing, taking the time to listen to what they say. He walked around the field with me 3 times teaching me all the little tricks I need to know.  He wanted to know if I needed any info on anything, I said socks were confusing me.  He is putting an article in the newsletter tomorrow to discuss socks and what works and doesn’t and why. You can see he just loves what he does and cares with every fibre of his being. I’m ready to pay up a year in advance just based on one hour with him.  Megastar!!

My point is, how are you treating your customers?  How seriously do you take your job? Do you believe that what you do doesn’t matter?  I am here to tell you that it most certainly does.  Whether you sweep streets, clean office dustbins, or run the company – everything you do matters and can count on the bottom line.

I am happy to spends thousands more than I ever budgeted for or would have thought to spend, travelling, doing my hair and getting fit purely based on my experience with Ganesh, Michelle, Maryke, Jacques and Ray.  I don’t care if it was fake or not, or that they do that to everybody.  What matters is that they made me feel like a goddess and the most important, special client on earth. And I liked it!

What are you doing for your internal and / or external customers today to make them feel like I did on these 3 occasions?


  1. Love the thought V. Account Management is often spoken about, but is it done with the passion and dedication noted above? In some cases, yes, in others for sure not.

    What do they say, it’s the small things that make a big difference!


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