Highlights from the SharePoint Summit in Toronto

  • “Tweet unto others as you have them tweet about you” – Susan Hanley.
  • Identify your company’s top 10 priorities and map them to SharePoint.
  • SharePoint has a $7billion ISV network, (Independant Software Vendor).
  • Always ask “what’s next” in SharePoint.
  • Business users don’t want an application – they want a problem solved.
  • It was asked whether the next version of SharePoint will have the same upgrade challenges as from 2007 t0 2010.  “Certainly hope not” was the response from the panel.
  • SharePoint is not a product or a platform, it’s a religion!
  • Don’t look to Microsoft for leadership on adopting SharePoint, they’re good with the technology; go to the ISV’s for the rest.
  • SharePoint is a big magnifying glass.  It will showcase duplicate information – but it’s always been there.  SharePoint is not the bad guy here.
  • Social networking is changing the way we do business – turn on My Sites!
  • For users to adopt a technology it has to be 9 times better than what they’re currently using.
  • My favourite question of the day by Robert Bogue : “Is SharePoint about enablement or control?”  Blog coming soon on this.
  • Site Collection Administrators can upload solutions to the Sandbox.  It’s ok!  It can be managed sufficiently to have no impact on the platform.
  • Slidedecks on my end user training and governance sessions presented at this conference.

Tony Lani, Me, Christian Buckley, Richard Harbridge, Owen Allen


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