Veronique Palmer is a SharePoint Server MVP!

Microsoft Most Valued Professional. The Academy Awards only allows 45 seconds for acceptance speeches – I’m not going to stick to that either. Suddenly I know how the Oscar winners feel : gob-smacked, speechless, then just want to gush!  But in the words of Julia Roberts “a girl has to have her moment”, so here goes…

THANK YOU! To the over 100 people who sent me congratulations via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, emails, sms’s and phone calls. A truly humbling experience.

THANK YOU! To Microsoft for acknowledging hard work, that it takes many different skills to make the SharePoint wheel turn, and that we are all vital.

THANK YOU! To all my hundreds of students, thousands of online users, and user group co-leads who expanded my mind every day and motivated me to help you even more.

THANK YOU! To the 30 amazing people that stepped up to write the most beautiful, heartfelt recommendations I have ever received when I had to submit my nomination document – one of which I have framed.

THANK YOU! To my friends and family that have stood by me since I started this journey, I couldn’t have done it without you.

THANK YOU! To all my Guardian Angels who’ve had their blessed little wings full with me.

THANK YOU! To the person who nominated me in the first place.  I have no idea who it was, but you are my hero.

It’s quite surreal.  The only SharePoint MVP in South Africa. And there’s only one other lady MVP in SA, Gail Shaw for SQL. Chicks rule!

This is only the beginning of course – the real work starts now, making a real difference.  So,

I PLEDGE: Not to let this go to my head and become an anal chop!  You have permission to kick my butt if I even think about it!

I PLEDGE: To help and guide anyone who wants to become and MVP.

I PLEDGE: To learn as much as I can from my fellow MVP’s and transfer that knowledge to all my clients and community.

I PLEDGE: To maintain the momentum I started and grow and support the business community exponentially.

I PLEDGE: To bring honour to this title and respect the code of conduct (and NDA) we are bound by at all times.

I PLEDGE: To be the best MVP I can possibly be.

I hope this award motivates and inspires you to greatness.  If you’re sitting at your desk right now hating your job remember that you can change you stars at any time.  Four years ago I was a Project Administrator for the longest time.  Now I run my own company and been awarded this great honour.  And I’m no spring chicken, I’m a cougar! If I can do this, you can do this.  I didn’t have any special skills, talents or background – it was pure passion, dedication and hard work that got me here along with refusing to give up.  It has tested me in every way possible but it has been all worthwhile.  I can’t think of a greater compliment in our industry than MVP.  It really is gratifying.

So get out there, learn a new skill, (preferably SharePoint of course); and just go for it!  When you’ve made the right decision, doors will open for you.

Visit my MVP profile … I just had to get a custom URL for it : 🙂

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  1. Congrats Veronique. So when are you getting a Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg inspired business card printed? 😉

    “I am the MVP, b****!”


  2. Well done Veronique that’s great news.

    So I guess MVP stands for Microsoft’s Veronique Palmer.

    Great to hear of a Shop owner at SharePoint Village becoming an MVP.


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