Lets Collaborate is expanding – Welcome Elsie Cronje

I am very pleased to welcome Elsie Cronje to Lets Collaborate.  She will be the Executive Administrator for us and handle all the admin from now on.  Her long term plan is to become a trainer along side me too, so watch this space.  She will start the Mentorship Program in January 2011 – another leader coming through!  Why did I hire her? Because when I said it would take about a year before she could potentially start giving beginners training, she said I didn’t understand – it would take 6 months.  I love her attitude!!  She’s married and has 2 very talented daughters which keep her busy when I’m not.  And we’re practically neighbours which is very convenient.  She has tons of skills which are perfectly complimentary to mine, so we’ll be changing a lot of things in future as we grow the team.

A little about Elsie…

How long have you been doing admin?

22 years.

You also started your own business a few years ago and have some ongoing sideline businesses, tell us about those.

Quinbica was a scrapbook shop and Graphic Xplosion a graphic design company.  It specialised in websites, web images, brochures, magazine submissions, logo’s, magazine ads and presentations. I built and currently maintain 17 websites.

What made you start your own businesses?

My passion to be creative and I LOVE designing things on my PC.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

What makes me mad as a snake quickly?  Unfairness and dishonesty.  Do not break a promise with me.

What is your all-time favourite motto in life?

To love God above all and my neighbour as myself…then my family and then the job. God blessed me with…LC…yay.

What is your take on clients?

The client is always right, the client comes first and the client needs to be happy, then you and I are happy then the bank balance is happy. 🙂

What is your take on hard work?

I’m a work-oholic.  And very passionate at what I do.  No space for failure.

What is success?

Success is not a big bank balance, it is many happy clients and a thank you to me at the end…work/life balance.

She sounds just like me hey.  Thank you Elsie.  I really look forward to working with you and I’m sure you are going to contribute greatly to the continued success of Lets Collaborate.  I am delighted to have you on board.


POST BLOG NOTE – 20 April 2011 :

I regret to advise that Elsie is no longer employed at Lets Collaborate.



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