Introducing SharePoint Business Workshops

From January 2011, there will be a new addition to Community Night and Information Worker called SharePoint Business Workshops.

These workshops will be held the 2nd Tuesday of every month at Microsoft’s offices in Bryanston along with the other user groups at Community Night.

The workshops are for business users who need to manage a set of sites, as well as Site Collection Administrators, platform owners, or even techies who are interested in learning the business side of SharePoint.  If you are interested in this field, you are welcome.

Topics covered will include things like governance, end user training, evangelism, user adoption challenges, taxonomy, relevance (what can SharePoint do for you), knowledge management, change management, getting executive buy-in, getting users to take ownership, information architecture, where to start, best practices, etc.  We’ll have real world scenarios from business users across many industries.

If you are planning on attending these events, please complete a very short survey for us to help us plan for the year.  Your input is invaluable in making these a success.  The first event will be on 11 January 2011 at 6pm at Microsoft in Bryanston :

12 Months, 12 Goals : Join us for an interactive Knowledge Café where we as SharePoint business users set our sights on 2011 and plan 12 achievable goals for our year ahead for our SharePoint! Melanie Sutton from IS Partners will be hosting for us.

IW at 4pm will be about Upgrading to SharePoint 2010 – Stories from the Field.  There are lots of people that will want to attend both events, so SBW will be in the second time slot at 6pm.  Drinks and pizza are served between sessions.

Join us, we’d love to have you:

See you there!!


  1. It’s such a long process to get people to change the way they work. Most companies completely under-estimate how much time this takes. It’s a great pity.


  2. User adoption challenges? They sound like fun! We’ve been challenging our users to get more used to Sharepoint by moving some of the more common forms to Infopath browser versions. About a month or two on and now people are wondering why some forms are still word documents! Nonetheless, we still have people printing out the infopath forms and trying to submit them to accounts that way.


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