User Groups in South Africa

There is a new section on Lets Collaborate for South African user groups.  It was compiled with the help of Dario Mratovich from Microsoft and Rob Maclean from BB&D.

There is an overwhelming majority of technical groups, and far too few SharePoint groups in my humble opinion.  (Lets Collaborate is in the process of starting a business specific group, so watch this space).  The Linux crowd sure seem to be the most eager to collaborate.  Well done guys.

If you have a group that you would like listed, then please fill in the Contact Us form with the relevant information.

The purpose of this list is to cross market our respective skills and have a starting point when you’re looking for help with products that could integrate with SharePoint.

What we are also going to do is print flyers listing our respective groups containing this basic information, which we can all hand out at our respective meetings and event.  These flyers will be printed from 2011, so please help get this list as complete as possible so we don’t leave anyone out.

Only active groups will be listed on the flyers.  You must have had meetings for a minimum of the last 3 months in a row (or more). Your website must be up to date with postings no older than 1 month ago.

When we are ready to compile and print them, we will contact each group to determine if you would like to be part of this initiative.  Lets Collaborate will cover all the costs for the printing for the first year.  We will revisit the model at a later stage to determine if we can sustain that, or if we will require a contribution.


  1. No worries. 🙂

    I put your website out on Twitter, lots of overseas followers, you never know. 🙂

    Oh my kingdom for 5 bar right now! 🙂

    Good luck with the sale.


  2. Hi Veronique

    Tx for the reply.

    I haven’t been checking this blog so was not aware that you had responded.

    I have got a handle on WordPress on my own and created my own website – in an effort to sell our lodge on Mabalingwe. No luck yet – but I am getting about 120 hits a month – using Google Analytics to see what goes on.




  3. Hi Veronique.

    BIG coincidence…… I am Jonty Collins’ dad and a friend of your Mom with a lodge out at Mabalingwe on Elandsfontein. I have the place on the market with no success from the agent (who has a website). I have now registered a domain and want to create my own site. As part of the deal, Mweb gave me some software that has only one thing going for it – it is free. I would like to use WordPress (to develop the site and not as a blog) and am battling a bit. Do you know of a WordPress user group here in Joeys or maybe someone using WordPress that would be willing to help me get up and running.

    Thanks in advance

    (082) 452-2763
    (011) 467-1663


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