SharePoint Best Practices Conference 2010 : The Sessions

Eighteen sessions in 4 days, hundreds of slides … summarizing it all into one short blog post is tricky.  In case you aren’t on Twitter where just about all my notes were kept, here’s the sessions attended and the one thing I took from each one :

  • Keynote Speech (Bill English) – know what you know, know what you don’t, and never confuse the two.
  • SharePoint the Day After (Wes Preston) – NOT communicating is a great way to fail.
  • Why SharePoint Projects Fail and How You Can Succeed (Scott Edwards) – know what SharePoint is and isn’t.
  • Design in the Hands of the User (Cathy Dew) – analogous colours work best, choose any 3 side by side.
  • Best Practices for Managing an Effective Team (Jennifer Mason) – understand how SharePoint is different.
  • 7 Most Important Non Technical Success Factors (Richard Harbridge) – measuring ROI is absolutely critical.
  • Dataview Web Part Best Practices New and Old (Laura Rogers) – do not edit the default new, edit and disp forms, make copies.
  • Best Practices for Organising Documents in SharePoint 2010 (Agnes Molnar) – consistent use of terminology makes for better search results.
  • Building Solutions That Users Get (Jennifer Mason) – first determine the goal of the solution.
  • You May Need a List If… (Sarah Haase) – the perfect site consists of 80% lists and 20% other.
  • Getting Executive Buy In (Bill English) – when that one question comes, be ready and be honest.
  • Best Practices for SharePoint Site User Management (Dux Raymond Sy) – you must document how you’ve set up your permissions.
  • Ask the Experts : End User Adoption – SharePoint can be a cancer if not done correctly.
  • Ask the Experts : Security – you can add users that don’t have email addresses.
  • Pretty and Practical (Lori Gowin, Cathy Dew) – when branding, you can only choose 2 : fast, cheap, good. Choose.
  • Taxonomy and Tagging, Big Changes in SharePoint 2010 (Ruven Gotz) – taxonomy and folksonomy are concepts, not a technology.
  • Lists, Used, Abused and Under Appreciated (Wes Preston) – SharePoint doesn’t recognise underscores in search, it just sees one long word.
  • How to Effectively Plan, Manage and Control SharePoint Projects (Dux Raymond Sy) – manage expectations and do project management.

Glad I took pictures of all the key slides, it’s allowed me to compile a summary presentation for my bootcamp next week.  They only need to sit through 76 slides! 😉  Gonna cram 5 days into 6 hours.

Click here to view my slidedeck on the conference as well as SharePoint Saturday Baltimore sessions I attended.  It’s available on my website.

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