Lets Collaborate Website Rebuilt onto SharePoint 2010 Foundation

After months of fruitless searching for easy web development software, people to help and quotes that didn’t threaten to break the bank, I’ve decided to use hosted vanilla SharePoint 2010 as my platform for my website.

Lets Collaborate.co.za has officially been rebuilt.  There are a few nice graphics on their way to make it pretty, but the content is done and ready for you.

What’s changed? Everything.

Old site :

New site :


The Home page has an In the News section which replaces Past Featured Articles on the old site.  Interesting articles are published weekly or more and categorised for easy retrieval later.

Resource Centre – this is the hub of the site and contains all the information from the Where to Start section on the old site.   All information for business users will be stored here in future and the database will grow with time.

Lets Shop makes it easier to see what’s on offer – new is the SharePoint 2010 Hosting service available, as well as a new SMS number which I will write about in another blog.

About Us now contains the Find Me section as well the demographic of the company and it’s history.

Contact Us has 5 different ways of getting hold of us, choose the one that suits you.

My 2 blogs, Veronique’s SharePoint and Enhancing Collaboration are now embedded into the site for easy reading.

Fun is a brand new secti0n for events, get-togethers, conferences and all round good times.  Because we can’t just work.  If you attended my first birthday, be the first to give your 5c worth on this page.  (Not every picture from every event is there, look on the LC Facebook fan page for those).  And if you’ve attended some sort of event where I was there, let us know what you think.

Subscribe is a handy list of all the items you can subscribe to via RSS feeds for your convenience.

Coming soon … Lets Talk!

The whole site is enabled for mobile viewing, so check it out on your iPhone.  … okay okay, BB and WinMo users too. 😉

I’ve also made it visually impaired friendly to the best of my ability, so hovering over every single link will tell sight-impaired people what it is.

The site is best viewed with Google Chrome, but is working just fine in Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox (barring some weird boxes around my hyperlinked images I can’t remove).   However if you have IE6 it’s going to look terrible!!  Nothing works, so get upgraded first.

To celebrate the relaunch of the website, I’m having a little competition :

QUESTION 1 : What do I recommend SharePoint 2007 users use to make their sites look pretty?

QUESTION 2 : Where did I deliberately misspell something?

Find the answer to the question on my website and submit your answers here.  The first correct answer will win a unique bling Lets Collaborate tshirt and branded vuvuzela.  I’ll post it to where-ever you are if you are not in Johannesburg.  Competition closes on 30 August 2010.

Happy browsing.  I’m off to Washington DC today for the SharePoint Best Practices Conference, will be back on 30 August.

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