Lets Collaborate Rebrands

Thanks to Collaborating with Design in Mind, Lets Collaborate has a slick new corporate identity!  Out with the old and in with the new.

The website will be following suit shortly, but all my documentation has been rebranded.



Why this logo?  The outside represents arms embracing the world and encouraging people to come closer and collaborate.  The circle / world in the middle is because I have a things for orbs.  And orange because it is a powerful Universal colour that means Attraction, Balancer, Neutralizer, Prosperity, Mental Agility, Encouragement, Energizer, Success, Stamina, Stimulate Energy, Health, Physical Vitality, and Dynamic Force.  All these things appeal to me.

So there it is. Branding for life!  Thank you Christine Garwood for my new CI.  I love it!


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