SharePoint team site logos, banners, icons, buttons and text design!!

I am very pleased to announce a brand new service from Collaborating with Design in Mind that is unique in the SharePoint industry!

You’ve got a team site, things are going well, but you’re bored with the Windows logo need a cool picture on your landing page.

No design experience?  No creative flair?  No time?  No worries!   Introducing our very latest service :

SharePoint team site logos, banners, icons,

buttons and text design!!

All you need to do is give us a few details, then choose a logo type, theme, colour scheme and picture type and we’ll do the rest.

In very short order you will have a set of jpg’s you can pretty up your site with to your heart’s content.  Doesn’t matter what version of SharePoint you’re on, simply upload them to a Picture Library and use them where-ever you want, Content Editor Web Parts, Wikis, Announcements, whatever.

No SharePoint Designer needed, jazz up your team site out of box.

Buy one, buy a set, it’s up to you.  We think it is extremely competitive and affordable for anyone, business or private.  International customers welcome, PayPal services available.


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