Lets Collaborate Site Updated and 6 Month Status Report

Changes to Site :

New Feedback on Training page; poster on Default Team Site Elements, Intermediate and Advanced courses added.

Amendments My Clients moved under Home tab, Find Me updated with latest mentions.

Then, my status report – Lets Collaborate 6 months in :

Technically I started operating in July 2009, but my company was only registered in Sept 2009. What has Lets Collaborate done so far?

  • Day 1 – I think I broke a world record as I had a buy-out offer on the first day I started out on my own. I still keep in contact with them; just can’t help liking them!
  • In the first 2 weeks of operation, I was given 4 opportunities worth an awful lot of money. Unfortunately, I lost over half a Million Rand in business in the process due to the questionable behavior by one of those companies and my being naïve – a very expensive lesson learnt that will not be repeated.
  • Fell into a deep depression for 2 months as a result which I affectionately call my Pajama Months, (I didn’t get out them the whole time). Farmville and I got intimately acquainted instead of me doing a thing about my business.
  • Attended TechEd for the first time. I think my liver is still trying to get over it. It turned out to be a good thing to go, I’ve had a couple of clients subsequently say they recognize me from the whiteboard session.
  • Was flown to Namibia to give training. Was flown to Port Elizabeth to give a demo.
  • Gained 4 very big clients whom I just adore … (you guys rock, you know who you are!!)
  • Joined the Microsoft Partner Program and have now got 9 whole points, aw sweet. (Hey, you gotta start somewhere).
  • Had another buy-out offer, as well as an offer to buy my training curriculums and user manuals.
  • Designed 7 courses specific to my user base and had great feedback so far.
  • Just finished rebranding my first user manual, 6 to go.
  • My Mentorship Program is going great guns and my latest trainee is doing very well. She’s come from zero SharePoint exposure, and 4 months down the line is taking over the reins, building sites, managing information, organizing governance meetings and fast becoming the ‘go-to’ person in her company.
  • Built 3 out of box solutions for my clients.
  • My self-designed, built and maintained website was launched in June 2009 with 6 whole pages of decidedly boring content. It now boasts 46 pages of which 23 of those pages is tips and tricks for end users!  And it’s still the only one of its kind, ie: aimed at SharePoint beginners.
  • Designed a great poster on how SharePoint fits together for end users that went down very well in the community.  Just uploaded a second cool poster on default team site layout.
  • Found 3 SharePoint people new jobs.
  • Was invited by SharePoint Experts on LinkedIn to co-own and moderate the group. Two of my discussions hold the 4th and 5th places for the most comments in the group.
  • Have had enquiries from Canada, India, Australia and the UK for my services and potential business ventures.
  • Attended a Knowledge Managers course and attending the SharePoint 2010 Bootcamp next week.
  • Been published or mentioned by quite high profile people and organisations, list is on Find Me.
  • Wrote a song in dedication to my users battling with SharePoint permissions.
  • Wrote 38 blogs.
  • Hit 1000 tweets this year.
  • Stopped counting the amount of emails I’ve sent and received, it’s just all part of the service now.
  • Still bossing the IW team around :), those boys are my joy.  Looking forward to the business event next week.
  • Got invited to a networking event at Edith Venter’s house and met amazing people.
  • Am fully booked 4 – 6 weeks in advance!! 🙂

Think that’s everything. Can’t wait for the next 6 months – I’ve got big plans!!! None of which I can share yet but watch this space!

To my clients and colleagues – thank you so much for all your encouragement and support so far.  You really are amazing.


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