Information Worker Stats 2009

It’s been quite a year for Information Worker!  Here are the stats on the user group as well as the team leads.

We’ve had a nearly 40% growth in user registrations.  January we had 463, today we have 1244!  That’s 781 new registrations this year!  (More than 2 a day).

We hosted 11 events in Jhb, (skipping August due to TechEd which all the leads attended) :

Event Stats

The first person to register for an event this year was Bramley Maetsa.  The last person to register for an event was Cathy Kohler.

We had people from Durban, Cape Town and Mpumulanga come up for some of our events.

A special thanks to Microsoft for hosting us every month.  And thanks to K2, BB&D, 3Fifteen, Bytes and Inobits for assisting with the sponsoring of some of our events.  We really rely on outside help sometimes.

Top 20 Highest Registerers (nice English that) :

Top 20 Jhb Registerers

We hosted 2 SharePoint Lab Saturdays in Jhb and had 97 people register.  Cape Town hosted 2 SharePoint Saturdays and had 64 people register.  (The next Jhb SLABS is in Feb so watch the website for details).

We only recently added a field to enter your job title, we really wanted to know who our audience was.  We certainly have a wide mix of users :

There have been 550 forum posts on our website, the top users being :

Most Active Users

We ran our first survey late this year, I must admit I was disappointed with the response, but none-the-less, the first person to register was Aboobaker Jaffer from Didata, and the last Chris Simusokwe from Lumwana Mine.  You have won a tshirt guys, contact us.

There are 12 blogs hosted on IW and many more mirrored to our site.

We’ve changed the look and feel to jazz it up a bit, this is the old site :

Old look and feel

It now looks like this :

New look

Apart from sorting out our site, we also had tshirts made which BB&D kindly sponsored, along with hundreds of stress balls :

Tshirt logos

Pretty cool huh.  Now for info on the team leads in case you thought we have been resting on our laurels. 😉

The team leads have grown from 2 to 7.  Michael and Zlatan invited myself, Rob and Marc to join the forum as team leads in January.  Hilton and Daniel were invited in November.

This year, the team leads have spoken at Tech-Eds locally and internationally; been invited to join international forums in their field of expertise; bred; started their own companies and developed cool new websites.

We have been actively networking in all the major social network mediums and have quite a reach.  (Don’t read hectic science into these stats, it’s for interests sake only.  We are all on different levels with expertise in different areas).

As of 16 December … our Twitter stats  :

Twitter Stats

Our blog stats, (I unfortunately don’t know how to determine the number of followers) :

Blog Stats

On LinkedIn :

LinkedIn Stats

And on Facebook :

Facebook Stats

And that’s it.  We’ve been kinda busy this year wouldn’t you say. 🙂

Just watch this space, cos we’re ready to rock 2010!!

This is my last post for 2009 – so Seasons Greetings to you all!!


  1. WOW – these are amazing statistics! Thanks for figuring them all out. Looks like the community is having a big impact. Thanks for all your hard work.


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