Let’s Collaborate invited to SharePoint Experts on LinkedIn

I was very pleasantly surprised on this Friday the 13th – my first email this morning was to be invited by the owner of SharePoint Experts on LinkedIn to become a co group manager and moderator.  Bruno had plenty of lovely things to say about me which I am going to publish!  Thanks Bruno :-).

SharePoint Experts currently has 9918 members and hundreds of discussion threads.  It has always been a source of good advice for me, as well as for learning more about the challenges of users around the world, so I am very flattered by this invitation.  Looking forward to helping out in that space where I can!!


On 11/12/09 2:20 PM, Bruno Cossi wrote:
Hi Veronique,

I am the founder and one of the managers of one of the groups you belong to, SharePoint Experts. I have noticed some of your posts from your (brilliant) poster to your replies to some other posts (e.g. your reply ref the Title column was very informative and well phrased).  I am not writing purely to compliment you (althought that would certainly be warranted!), I am also writing to see whether you would be interested in co-managing the group?  It is clear that you are one of the few people who truely deserve to be called SharePoint Experts, it would be a pleasure having you among us (and it would also mean less work for me!).  If you would be willing to step in, please do let me know. And of course do let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Many thanks,

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