Microblogging as a Business Tool

Social networking is all the rage and you ignore the business benefits at your peril. There is still a lot of nervousness in business leveraging social networking tools, but with the right research and application and you can gain enormous benefit from these tools.

Twitter and Tweetdeck for example, have become invaluable to me as a business tool – it is an unending source of information and assistance in the SharePoint arena. I tweet 10 times more than I email or blog anymore; but for the benefit of my user base on different communication levels, I still send out all three. Joel Oleson is leading the way in this space and Endusersharepoint are hot on his heels. (Obviously there are many more, but my demographic is business users only).

I had no idea what this whole Twitter big deal was just a few months ago and thought it was a complete waste of time. Now, I can’t live without it and the benefits have been significant. Nearly all the information I send in my emails I source from Twitter. It doesn’t get hotter of the press than with microblogging.

Read how microblogging can benefit your business , then check out 17 tools companies can use internally to harness the power of tweeting if Twitter and the like are just too public.

Of course with SharePoint, there is always a way. Here is an easy, out of box work-around to start using microblogging in your company, (thanks Michael Gannotti). It’s not a complete or perfect solution, but it’s a start and it’s free.

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