Our first official business forum was a great success last night. There was a good turn out and it looked like everyone had fun and learnt alot. I have compiled all the notes made by everyone, and you can find them here. I for one am also going to approach things differently from now on. To all the business users out there, if you would like to have more forums like this, please let us know by posting here.

5 responses to “IW Round Table Business Forum”

  1. Veronique Palmer Avatar
    Veronique Palmer

    Tim – I’ll get that on the agenda for next time.


  2. Veronique Palmer Avatar
    Veronique Palmer

    Hi Fast, the notes are there, it may have been moved by the time you checked though. Go back to http://www.informationworker.co.za and look under the Events tab, it is under previous events.


  3. Fast Avatar

    I am sorry i forgot to say thanks to u Veronique


  4. Fasttoshiba Avatar

    Hi…what happened to the compiled notes…its not available on the link u provided….Please provide the complied notes



  5. Tim Norris Avatar
    Tim Norris

    Thank you for the labs today – very useful. Johan asked if anyone would be interested in a session/lab about the architecture/structure of MOSS – I would find that very valuable. Thanks again


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