Make SharePoint Online Menu Items Open in New Tabs!

What a score! I pasted a link wrong and when I fixed it, I stumbled across a way to make Quick Launch and Top Link Bar Mega Menu items open in new tabs! 😀 And it’s SO easy!

Edit any menu, then click on an existing link. Select only the http:// in the front of the link and hit delete on your keyboard. Save. Click the link and watch the magic happen.


  1. Don’t try highlight the http:// with your cursor or try back space it – all hell breaks lose and you end up deleting half the link from the other side. Just click in the beginning of it and use the shift key and arrows to select the text.
  2. Once you click delete, it will look like nothing happened. Ignore it and just click OK.

3. It works on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and Internet Explorer.

4. Some of the links to classic sites and apps didn’t want to work for some reason, but all the modern ones were fine.

5. To undo the action, paste the original link back in including the http:// part.

Yay, now we can take back control over our site navigation!! Now if only it also worked on Quick Links …. it doesn’t, I tried.

You’re welcome. 🙂

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