#LoveMustRise South Africa!

The news has been inundated with calls to things that “must fall”.  Some of these are followed with violence and destruction of property amounting to hundreds of millions of Rands.  I find it curious that there is only talk of breaking things down.

Where is the talk in the media of building things up?  Of uniting a nation?  Of working together to make this country as great as it can be? Of forgiveness?  Of love for your fellow man?  Of building new systems?  Of building better businesses? Of better relationships?

There is a lot of negative talk on the airwaves in South Africa in the public and private domain.  I firmly believe it is a very small sector of the population being ignited to destabilize our amazing country.  I urge all South Africans to look past the hype to see who is pulling strings, and stop putting fuel on the fire.

Look around you – in your day to day life, do you see the violence and hate the media portrays?  Or do you see people just trying to make a living and get through the day?

That notwithstanding, fighting against something is like saying you’re going to war to win back peace.  It doesn’t work like that.  It’s funny how none of the “must fall” campaigners can explain what is it they do want.  What you resist persists.  It’s funny how people don’t want to heal the rage and anger in themselves, and instead project those fears onto others then wonder why the world is in the state that it is in.  Yes there have been atrocities, but there are FAR greater atrocities being carried out on this whole planet right now – stop being distracted by the media who is trying to divide us even further!

The only way things will get better, is if YOU get better.  Harbouring hate and anger and jealousy will manifest in terrible ways in your life, and make your experience on earth reflect just how you feel.  I know, I’ve been there.  It has taken me years to let go of all that, and my life has changed in ways I still can’t believe.

So more love, less hate.  More kindness, less judgement.  More empathy, less jealousy. More compassion, less anger.  More being part of positive change, less destruction of private property.  More celebrating of ideas, less breaking down of people who come up with them.  More listening, less talking.

Try for just one day to think only positive and loving thoughts – for just one day let go of the anger.  Because if 52 million people did that for just one day, think how different our world could be.  Be accountable for your part in the way the world works.  And focus on what you do want.



  1. Hi Emilie,

    Nope, it’s rife in SA too. Rather irritating…. Thank Heavens for the internet so we can alternative news sources. As for your question – searching for that answer will lead you down a pretty scary road, but knowledge is power!

    Have an awesome day and thanks for reading my blog.

    = V =


  2. WOW, I thought it was just over here (USA). I love your post. Its true, why does the media want to stir up so much dissent? Always look forward to your posts. Thank you.


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