The Kitten Diaries – Day 2

I am in love.  Never had cats before, let alone kittens. Lemonade and Lollipop are just the coolest kittens anyone could hope for.  Although I adore all animals and have always been more of a dog person; the kittens are totally awesome and I am completely in love! We’ve got a week together alone before the puppies come back, and we’re taking total advantage of the peace and quiet.

After the carnage of Friday night, last night was a whole lot better.  The kitties just did their own thing pretty much all day and explored the house – and there’s a lot to explore. The two of them are best friends and they do everything together – play, eat, sleep, drink, poo, explore, run, hide.  (That’s why I wanted 2 of everything, so they have a friend when I’m not around).

The 3 of us bonded of the past 24 hours.  They were awfully obliging to chase each other around the house for hours on end while I caught some shut eye, then they came and snuggled up with me when they got bored of that.

So, favourite kitty games.  On the top of their list is Stare-down at the OK Corral. They crouch down on opposite ends of the room and stare at each other, then there’s a mad dash towards each other to get into a rawl, quick tumble then tear down the house to ‘escape’. They can do this all day long.  Catching kittens in the middle of a rawl is not an easy feat!  Got a cool ghost cat effect in the process though.

ghost cats

Hide and seek – doesn’t matter whether it’s under the bed, in a box, under the crate, between the couches; no area is out of bounds for hide and seek and attack from under with their paws.  The discovered curtains last night, this is now their favourite spot to play this game.  Yes yes I know, kiss curtains goodbye, I’m stopping them when I hear claws on curtains. I read somewhere that you should put sticky tape on the curtains cos they don’t like that.  I friend of mine then suggested it might be more effective if I sticky tape the cats! Here’s Lemonade pretending she’s invisible and waiting for Lollipop to come past. “Nothing to see here…”.

ghost cat 1

Chase anything that moves – a rolled up piece of paper into a ball is their favourite thing. Why do we buy expensive kitty toys when all they want is boxes and rolled up paper…?

Trampoline Bed and Diving Board Mom – playtime is just as I want to go to bed. The night shift is spent using the bed as a major trampoline and bouncing from one side to the other to chase each other around.  Then getting a nice elevated view by climbing up me then launching off into the air on to each other – always using claws for traction of course.

Attack Mom’s Feet While She’s Trying to Sleep – well least we’re off the legs!  But now they insist on waiting till I’m asleep then systematically attacking my toes and feet and dig their claws in. “Die die die” all over again.  For double effect, they each take on a foot at the same time…

Cuddle With and Follow Mom Everywhere – this is also mom’s favourite game. The kittens are quite happy to let me love them as much as I want to, pick them up whenever I want to and tease them.  They snuggle up to me where-ever I am, and make sure they can always reach me when they stretch out their little paws. They let me play with those ever so soft little paws as much as a I like. They make sure they can always see me in the house, and come running when they lose sight of me.

Wake Up at the Crack of Dawn – like 5am now then purr very loudly in mom’s ears and walk on her till she wakes up and feeds us.  Faking being asleep does not work…

Hang off Mom’s T-shirt – wait for mom to make breakfast for us, then launch into the air and land on her back by our claws; miss half the t-shirt cos we’re too small, and embed our back claws into her legs for stability.  Works great and we love the screech mom makes!

Chew Electrical Cables – this is mom’s scariest game!  Not sure how to stop them doing this and there are wires everywhere.  It’s not ideal….

Lie in the Middle of the Computer When Mom Needs It – they have both cottoned on to this game now.

lemonade supervising a

lemonade supervising b

Lemonade's blog

I put the grass chair in the study and put Lollipop on top.  She got such a fright at the funny sensation under her feet that she jumped straight up in the air.  I burst out laughing! She was so cross that she got off and went and stood around the corner with her back to me and sulked. Hahaha.  Had to go fetch her and say sorry ten times for laughing at her.  (I’m still laughing, but she’s asleep now so can’t hear me).

lollipop grass

They discovered windows and now take every opportunity to look outside.  Will have to start making it easier for them to get up, they are ever so slightly too short to reach.

lollipop window

These kittens are simply wonderful.  Why did I wait so long to get some??

lemonade close up

lollipop close up

Time to go outside while the babies are sleeping.

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