They, Them and There

Have you noticed how we insist on assigning a location and demographic to the woes of the world? Add to that all the bad news repeatedly shoved down our throats by mainstream media and you get a pretty bleak picture of our existence.

  • US religious leaders make forceful appeals
  • Belgium considers extending lockdown
  • SA considers more aid for farmers
  • Mali hotel cook escaped attackers
  • French police release 7 suspects
  • 6.1 magnitude earthquake hits Indonesia
  • Gunmen shot anything that moved
  • Civilians likely killed in airstrikes
  • At least 6 killed in suspected Boko Haram attack

Dividing the world up like this makes it so easy for the psychopaths running it to make us turn on each other and fight each other for scraps. Long as it’s “not in my backyard” you think you’re okay jack; you can pretend the atrocities taking place have nothing to do with you and that there is nothing you can do about them.  But what if we replaced all those locations and anonymous words for people with “earth” and “human beings”?

  • Earth human being leaders make forceful appeals
  • Earth considers extending lockdown
  • Earth considers more aid for human being farmers
  • Earth human being cook escaped human being attackers
  • Earth human being police released 7 human being suspects
  • 6.1 magnitude quake hits earth
  • Human being gunmen shot anything that moved
  • Human beings likely killed in airstrikes
  • At least 6 human beings killed in suspected earth attack

Paints a different picture doesn’t it?  Don’t you see that this is what is happening here? There is no us and them, no here and there – apart from a small handful of puppet masters making you believe something different.  We are all part of powerful, cosmic dust that chose to be on earth right now.  Earth is all our backyard and it’s bleeding.

There is a mass global awakening underway and it’s never too late for anyone to join the party, but to do that you need to see through the illusions of the world around you and take back your power. Everyone can make a difference, everyone! Don’t let any media source or person tell you otherwise. No act is too small; and in fact, every act, no matter how small, is making a gigantic difference to the destiny of our planet and our species. Don’t hesitate to do a kindness to a person, plant or animal because it matters! And if someone does it for you, pay it forward.

If there is really no-one you can help, just understand that every time you buy something, you are directly impacting how this planet operates. Learn the true costs of what you are buying and make better, informed choices.  There is no excuse for ignorance on this planet anymore. Are you going to be part of the problem, or part of the solution?  See the bigger picture.

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