How to Send Pretty Links in Emails

Have you ever received an email like this?

Doesn’t look very professional does it?  Wouldn’t you prefer to receive an email looking like this instead?  Or maybe you been getting emails with links like this and have no idea how it’s done.  Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

In SharePoint, you have ability to email a link to a specific document.

When you do that, an email will open with the full link in it.  Select that link and cut it, (CTRL X).

Type the text you would like the link to appear on.  We’ll use “click here” as an example. Select that text, then click CTRL K.  Alternatively, click on Insert – Hyperlink on the ribbon.

A pop up will appear where you need to paste the link you cut out into the Address field, (CTRL V). Click OK.

Ta-daaa! 🙂

Short and sweet.  Copy a link, highlight the text, CTRL K, CTRL V, OK, (or Enter).

PS : You won’t know if people are using the “Email a Link” option on your documents, so don’t change the name of your documents once they’re uploaded to SharePoint or the link will break.

Happy linking.

Link Police – out.


  1. As seen in your second to last screencap, you could right-click the initial link and choose Edit Hyperlink (in most email clients) – then just edit the “Text to display” option (setting it to “Click here” like your example). Saves the cut and paste operation.


  2. Yes that’s true, but none of my clients use Document ID; they don’t seem to think it adds any value. The link you sent is also aimed at quite technical people, and that’s not really the target audience of this blog.


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